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PROJECT 1: Airplane birthday cake

25 Jul

I happened to find an airplane cake pan on sale today. It was less than half price! Of course I bought it 🙂

There are 6 little airplane molds on the rack. To be honesty, the shape is pretty simple – no cool look, no fine detail but it looks cute, I think it is good enough for a 2-year-old boy. Possibly I will use gum paste to mold the plane.

Also the other day I bought the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” candles, they definitely save my time of doing the writing. I’d like to say I am making progress, lol…

Airplane cake panHappy Birthday candles


Birthday cake to make

24 Jul

A friend’s son is turning 2 in Oct. I said I would make him a cake, and then I was asked to make an airplane on it! Um…what a challenge! I have done some homework and found some amazing airplane cakes on the internet. Well, I think I have a few options of making the birthday cake:

  • Buttercream:
  1. Draw an airplane on a round cake (easiest option)
  2. Carve a cake into an airplane shape (no experience of carving a cake)
  • Fondant (I haven’t learned how to use fondant or gum paste yet):
  1. Cover an airplane shape cake with fondant
  2. Use gum paste to make an airplane and stick it on top of the cake

Buttercream is easy but fondant/gum paste looks very cool and holds a better shape, unfortunately I don’t know how yet…will see how I get on in the following 2 months.

Anyway I’d like to take on this challenge. I hope I can make something impressive. I need to practice, practice and practice first…lots of things to learn and lots of work to do!

Basic techniques

15 Jul

After I started learning cake decorating, I realised that it is much harder than I thought. Hand strength definitely is one of my weaknesses. I always squeezed tiny stars or flowers while other students in the class could squeeze out some decent size of stars or flowers. My hand got sore easily, so it was hard for me to apply constant and consistent pressure. Just found a good tip from the internet – squeeze the middle of the piping bag instead! Here are some useful basic techniques on videos. Furthermore I found out the demonstrator – Sandy Sheppard is a profession, (no I should say master) cake decorator. Her works look amazing! I wish I could be one of her students.

Basic cake decorating course

14 Jul

I enrolled in the Wilton basic cake decorating course hosted by Milly’s Kitchen from 2/07/12 to 11/07/12, 2 hours per session, 2 classes per week. It was hectic in the last two weeks. The class started at 6pm to 8pm. I went to the class straightaway after my work without eating, but strangely I wasn’t hungry most of the time. Perhaps it was because I had too much to learn and think about but had no time for my stomach. After class I had to prepare cake or cupcakes for the next class. I buried myself in the kitchen for hours. To be honest I was tired by the final class was finished, on the other hand I was happy with my creations. They were far from perfection, but I was proud of my very first decorating experience. My colleagues loved them too.

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