Birthday cake to make

24 Jul

A friend’s son is turning 2 in Oct. I said I would make him a cake, and then I was asked to make an airplane on it! Um…what a challenge! I have done some homework and found some amazing airplane cakes on the internet. Well, I think I have a few options of making the birthday cake:

  • Buttercream:
  1. Draw an airplane on a round cake (easiest option)
  2. Carve a cake into an airplane shape (no experience of carving a cake)
  • Fondant (I haven’t learned how to use fondant or gum paste yet):
  1. Cover an airplane shape cake with fondant
  2. Use gum paste to make an airplane and stick it on top of the cake

Buttercream is easy but fondant/gum paste looks very cool and holds a better shape, unfortunately I don’t know how yet…will see how I get on in the following 2 months.

Anyway I’d like to take on this challenge. I hope I can make something impressive. I need to practice, practice and practice first…lots of things to learn and lots of work to do!


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