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Fondant experiment

27 Aug

In the last two weeks I was very busy at work. I was too tired to update my blog when I got home. No wonder most of the good cake decorators are full-time mums. It is hard to maintain a stressful full-time job and have a time consuming hobby at the same time. Well, my journey has started and I won’t easily give it up, but just move forward slowly I guess.

A couple of weeks ago I practice my piping skills on a cake dummy. Mainly I was trying different types of border. At last I felt like to give it a complete look, so I added my initial on the cake top. However the icing was broken, then I had to pipe a star to cover the flaw. One star seemed a bit awkward, then I ended up putting a few more random stars 😛 (also I wanted to reuse the buttercream, so I didn’t colour it and the cake looks plain).


On the last weekend, I took another challenge – make my first fondant! Because the store-bought fondant is very pricy, I was thinking it is cheaper to make my own in the long run. I found a few recipes/videos on the internet. They all made it look like easy but I can tell you now it is not! I decided to use this recipe because no mixer is required (I don’t have a stand mixer). It was going well until I started to knead the fondant. I kneaded fondant so hard that I was sweating (in the winter)! Another problem was that I didn’t know when I should stop. The fondant was till sticky in a minute, but it was too hard in the next minute when I added more icing sugar. The recipe said 2Lb & 10Oz (1190g) icing sugar, hence I thought it was safe to add more because I didn’t finish the 1kg bag icing sugar yet. I didn’t regret adding the last batch of the icing sugar too much until the next day I started to use the fondant. It was too hard and impossible to roll it out. I had to heat it up by the microwave so I can work on it. I did wait for it to cool down a little bit before I kneaded it, however I underestimated the temperature inside the fondant and it burned my hand badly. OMG it was like hot wax sticking to my skin, I couldn’t get it off for a second. Not to mention a few hours of strength draining processes (I made a boo-boo on the buttercream as well, it was dry and broken apart 😦 ), eventually I completed decorating 6 airplanes and 12 cupcakes.

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Followed my plan I gave them to my partner’s niece (5 years old) and nephew (1 year old). Not just the kids but the adults liked them too. I have tasted half of a cake, honestly the fondant was a bit too hard and dry (although I haven’t tasted the store-bought fondant, I know mine is worse). I think their compliments are for my effort more than my cakes 😛

Making fondant again? Next time I will think it twice. Umm…however if I don’t try it, then I will never improve my skills. C’est la vi!


Easy way to make roses

2 Aug

I learned to make roses using buttercream in the Wilton class. To be honest I didn’t do well. The icing kept breaking and the shapes were awkward. Today I just found a video on YouTube of making fondant roses. It is unbelievably easy!  I came up with an idea of practicing the other day – to use toy clay instead of gum paste (it is much cheaper). I couldn’t wait to try it out. I got the chance… yay – my first practice was to make a rose!

Actually the clay is a bit too soft, but it is good enough for a trial run. I have added more petals than the video, it turned out ok (unfortunately the camera is not very good – hard to do a closeup shot). This way of making roses is nice and easy, I loved it. I would definitely try it again using the fondant one day!

Rose (clay)