Strawberry and mascarpone filled cupcakes with buttercream icing

20 Feb

Recently I have made some cupcakes for a friend. The cupcake recipe is from Giada’s strawberry and mascarpone filled cupcakes(this is the best ever cupcake recipe). I didn’t use the cupcake mix this time but started from scratch. I adapted to the traditional way using the equal  amount of butter, sugar and flour to make the cupcake batter. The cupcakes turned out nice but the paper cases separated with the cupcakes after they came out from the oven. It was the first time I came across this problem. Based on the information I googled, I think it is because I have used too much butter. Next time I will reduce the amount of butter.

This time I used the butter to make my buttercream instead of vegetable fat. The colour was yellow instead of white, also it didn’t hold its shape as good as the vegetable fat. However the taste was yummy, my friend’s son couldn’t stop dipping his finger in the icing 🙂

Last but not least I added a personal touch – a small fondant flower on top, it did bring the cupcake to the next level!


Strawberry and mascarpone filled cupcake with buttercream


15 Cupcakes!


2 Responses to “Strawberry and mascarpone filled cupcakes with buttercream icing”

  1. Michelle 10/07/2013 at 1:27 pm #

    What recipe did you use for your buttercream? Yours looks much creamier than mine. 🙂

    • cakestamp 10/07/2013 at 5:48 pm #

      I combined a few recipes together, it looked like the popular ratio of butter and icing sugar is 1:2.
      140g butter, softened
      280g icing sugar
      1-2 tbsp milk or water
      1 tsp vanilla extract
      1/8 tsp salt

      Personally I still prefer the vegetable shortening recipe in terms of decorating (some people said it is yuck, but I felt it is lighter than the butter and it has lower saturated fat!) If you are interested, check out this post.
      190g white vegetable shortening
      1 tsp vanilla extract
      7-8 tsps milk or water (adjustable if needed)
      450g icing sugar
      10g meringue powder
      pinch of salt

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