Profiteroles filled with custard

8 Jun

I haven’t updated my blog for a while – lazy. 😛

Recently I have done a lot of cooking rather than baking, no mention cake decorating(no chance to practice)! I have tried some new recipes and they turned out great, however I am not doing well on the baking side (some time I wonder I should have a food blog rather than a cake decorating blog). Last weekend I baked my very first batch of Macarons. They turned out just an inch away from a disaster. I got the favor right but they had no foot, and collapsed. I didn’t even bother to take photos!

What to bake this weekend? There was some leftover custard in the fridge, so today I decided to make some profiteroles, which have brought my confidence back a little bit. It is easier than I thought, just see the photo (of course I only put the nice ones on the plate)! One step closer to make a croquembouche, which could be my next challenge, haha!

P.S. Although this is not about cake decorating, it is still my baking experiences.

Profiteroles filled with custard

Profiteroles filled with custard


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