Project 2: Soccer cake

9 Sep

My colleague is from England, she loves watching soccer games, she plays soccer, and she is as super fan of Tottenham Hotspur. There is no doubt about the soccer theme when I came to design her birthday cake.

My favorite element of the cake is the soccer ball. Honestly I wanted to keep it for myself! The original design was hanging the flag up with two bamboo skewers. However I found this was a bit distracting and I loved the soccer ball so much that I wanted it to be the center piece so I changed the design and laid the flag next to the soccer ball instead.

Original design

Original design

Soccer cake - final look

Soccer cake – final look

Two things were really difficult in this project – the color and the border. The official color of Hotspur is dark blue, which is very hard to match on fondant, especially I only have the sky blue food coloring on hand. The color of the hand painted logo on the flag was the best match because I mixed the color and painted directly on the fondant. While dyeing the fondant, the color was either too dark or too bright. Finally I had to stick with the brighter color as it looked slightly better.

When I was searching the Hotspur flag on the internet, I saw some flags with the checked pattern. I decided to incorporate that into my cake. Therefore I made a checked cake inside and also a checked border. Again I had the color problem – the blue food coloring gel mixed with the yellow cake batter (from the eggs), it turned into green! I had added the coloring gel twice, but there was not much change. I didn’t want to over mix the cake batter, so I have to live with green, err…The border was the biggest challenge. I have learned this technique from Lyndy Smith’s book. I haven’t seen anything like this on the internet so I really wanted to try it. I spent a few hours to just make that border. It wasn’t perfect (not perfectly square) but it was the best I can get. I am not sure if I want to try this technique again!

Inside checked pattern

Inside checked pattern

Checked border

Checked border

It is worth mentioning that The Mat was really helpful. It took me three tries to cover the cake last time, but with The Mat I only did it once – a huge improvement! The fondant was rolled out nicely thin and it didn’t dry out. To be honest rolling out fondant is still a hard work even with The Mat, it was a cardio workout!!

At the end of the day I was happy this project had been completed after so much frustration. Overall I am satisfied with the result especially it impressed my colleague and the others at work. I have received lots of compliments. My hard work has been paid off! 🙂


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