Fraiser torte

8 Dec

When I first watched Anna Olson making fraiser torte on TV, I fell in love with the cake because it was so elegant! I was dying to make one of my own. Here it came – strawberries are in season now and I was going to a work BBQ party. so I thought it would be nice to make a cake to share.

I followed exactly Anna’s fraister torte recipe, so I am not going to post it here but I am here to tell a moral story. When I was making the sponge cake base, I rushed it so the eggs weren’t whipped enough, the cake came out flat and dense. I was struggling with whether I should do it again. I said to myself maybe the taste was still all right, just like a biscuit base for a cheese cake, it is flat and dense but taste nice, right? If I was going to redo it again I had to bring the eggs from the fridge to room temperature, and then spend another 40 minutes baking the cake, wait for it to cool down and then put the mousse layer on. I would lose the entire Friday night! My husband came to the kitchen and saw the cake, he said “Is this a pancake?” Ha ha…it did sum up my failure! He saw my hesitation and said “I know deep down you want to make it again, then just do it. Don’t settle for something that you are not happy with.” Thanks to his encouragement, I baked the sponge cake again and finally made a beautiful fraiser torte. Without a nice base I am sure the final product won’t look as good. Taste wise, the mousse had a strong strawberry flavor, but not too sweet. It was as smooth as a cheese cake. Everyone loved it 🙂

Another practical lesson: there is no shortcut in baking. Time and patience will make the best cake!

Fraiser torte

Fraiser torte

Fraiser torte

Fraiser torte


2 Responses to “Fraiser torte”

  1. mydearbakes 08/12/2013 at 7:51 pm #

    Wow! Your bake is so pretty! =)

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