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Frozen birthday cake

21 Dec

Since the movie Frozen was released, Elsa became the most popular princess character in the world. I wasn’t surprised when I was asked to make a pink Frozen birthday cake.

I haven’t done cake decorating for almost two years, so I was worried I would forget how to do it. It turned out ok and I didn’t forget everything. However it is my first time to make a human figurine and I am not happy about it. This Elsa looks a bit odd – out of proportion! 😦 I didn’t have time to make it again  because I only had time after my daughter went to bed at night). Luckily the 4 year old birthday girl wasn’t picky. She loved the cake! 🙂

I am glad this cake gave me a chance to start my hobby again. Hopefully I can do more as my daughter is older. I am looking forward to making her 1st birthday cake! 🙂 🙂