About Me

I love sweets, not because of their taste but mostly because of their delicate look. I am jealous people who can create beautiful sweets. They are like magicians – create magic by combining the most humble ingredients, e.g. flour, sugar and butter etc. Not sure since when I started dreaming of being one of them. If I have to follow the trail of memory, I think the idea was derived from Ace of Cake. I admired their creativities, their skills and their passion. Since then it is like a spark glowing bigger and bigger in my mind until one day I couldn’t ignore it anymore and it forced me to take on a challenge – to learn cake decorating. Finally I did it! In the last two weeks I finished the basic cake decorating course. Compared those professionals with years of experiences, what I have learned is minimum, but at least it is a start of my dream.

In order to record my journey and motivate myself, I started this blog (this is another challenge to me – blogging with my second language). One day I might be a professional cake decorator or I might fail (who is John Galt?), but at least I am doing with my own enjoyment – not to impress anyone but for my own sake. I’d like announce my adventure starts from here from today!


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  1. aryana0821 28/07/2013 at 5:18 pm #

    Thanks stopping by and visiting my blog.
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    Thanks again 🙂

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