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Art of Cake Awards 2013

7 Jul

Today is the final day of the Art of Cake Awards 2013 in Auckland. Five cakers showcased their arts in the shopping mall and the public can vote for their favorites. Ā Also four free cake craft sessions were held in the last two weeks. Each sugar craft artist demonstrated one technique, i.e. making flowers, figurine modelling, chocolate modelling etc. I have been to all of them and I had fun and more importantly I have learned new things! Honestly all cakes (technically the chocolate art from Chocolate Earth is not a cake) looked amazing and each one had its own uniqueness, but I liked the cake from Sweet Bites Cakes most. It was inspired by this Christine Dior dress I am impressed by the design and hand painting flowers. Here are the photos, what do you think?

P.S. I don’t know the result yet, I’lll find out tomorrow šŸ™‚

***11/07/2013 update: Sweet Bites Cake won the 1st place, congratulations!***

Christine Dior dress

From Sweet Bites Cakes, Christine Dior dress

Beautiful hand painting

From Sweet Bites Cakes, beautiful hand painting

Technically this is not a cake, but everything is eatable!

From Chocolate Earth, technically this is not a cake, but everything is eatable!

Intricate lace work

From Cake Couture, intricate lace work (front)

Victoria style dress

From Cake Couture, Victoria style dress (back)

Modern and elegant

From Bella Cupcakes, modern and elegant

Integrated with many elements

From Miss Melicious, integrated with many elements


Profiteroles filled with custard

8 Jun

I haven’t updated my blog for a while – lazy. šŸ˜›

Recently I have done a lot of cooking rather than baking, no mention cake decorating(no chance to practice)! I have tried some new recipes and they turned out great, however I am not doing well on the baking side (some time I wonder I should have a food blog rather than a cake decorating blog). Last weekend I baked my very first batch of Macarons. They turned out just an inch away from a disaster. I got the favor right but they had no foot, and collapsed. I didn’t even bother to take photos!

What to bake this weekend? There was some leftover custard in the fridge, so today I decided to make some profiteroles, which have brought my confidence back a little bit. It is easier than I thought, just see the photo (of course I only put the nice ones on the plate)! One step closer to make a croquembouche, which could be my next challenge, haha!

P.S. Although this is not about cake decorating, it is still my baking experiences.

Profiteroles filled with custard

Profiteroles filled with custard

Cookies decorating

6 Jan
Cookies for Christmas

Cookies for Christmas

Just before Christmas I decided to make some cookies as a gift. It wasn’t my first time to make cookies but the first time to decorate cookies! It was much harder than I thought. I hate washing the piping bags, so I used lots of the disposableĀ ones. Also I only have one #1 tip and one #3 tip, I kept swapping the tips among different colour icing. It took me a few hours to complete all the cookies and some of them turned outĀ ugly. Anyway I am not here to tell you how I decorated my cookies, but to share a good tip I just found online. I wish I had known it before I decorated my cookies – it would make my life much easier. Ā Thanks Karen who created this video and shared it!

HK International Bakery Expo 2012

13 Dec

I haven’t updated my blog for ages because I was on holiday in HK. When I was counting down the days to come home, I happened to find out the HK International Bakery Expo from the newspaper, which would be held from 5th to 7th Dec. How could I possibly miss this opportunity?! I teamed up with my sister and paid a visit to the expo in the last day.

There were many booths in the expo. They were selling coffee machines, commercial bakery machines, packaging, and cake decorating tools & ingredients. Also some bakery/cooking schools were doing on-site courses and demonstrations. Five taltented bakers were invited to do some cake decorating demonstrations – Mercedes Strachwsky (USA), Edward Frys(USA), David MacCarfrae(UK), Jacinta Yu(HK), and May Keung(HK). Ā I know David from the TV show Cake Walk. Unfortunately I couldn’t see him in person as he was teaching the course when I was there. Last but not least, I have taken lots of photos of thoseĀ gorgeous cakes exhibited there. I was totally inspired!

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