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Animal Birthday Cake

20 Mar

When I first learnt cake decorating, I imaged I would create a birthday cake for my own child one day. Recently my daughter turned 2 and I was so excited to make this cake for her!

Ellie is very interested in animals. She can name a few different animals and imitate their sounds. Since I’ve introduced pandas to her on YouTube videos, pandas become her favorite animal. One day I will take her overseas to see the real pandas (there are no pandas in the local zoo).

This is a 4 layer chocolate cake covered with fondant. I also use fondant to make all the decorations. Ellie was amazed by the cake although she didn’t quite understand the concept of birthday yet. 🙂  The smile on her face was my best reward!




Minnie Mouse Cake

30 May

A friend from work asked me to make a birthday cake for her 2 year old daughter. I was worried I didn’t have time to make the cake while I had to spend time with my own daughter. After I looked at the picture of the cake she found on the internet I happily accept the order. It is a simple but eye-catching design. Especially I love the contrast of the colour!

I bought the black fondant from the shop because I know it is very hard to achieve the deep dark colour. I tried to save money so I decided to colour the white fondant in red myself (white fondant is cheaper than the coloured fondant). I underestimated the difficulty of achieving the rich red colour. I have almost used half bottle of red food colouring plus plenty of pink food colouring. I am happy I have got the colour right at the end, however timewise it wasn’t a smart move – lesson learnt!

In the end I was excited about the cake – simplily cute! By the way it was a chocolate cake with butter cream icing inside. My colleague told me the cake was exactly what she imagined!


Rainbow birthday cake

27 Feb

I have been looking forward to making the first birthday cake for my daughter for a year! We are here not just to celebrate Ellie’s birthday but also to celebrate we as a family have survived for a year – the toughest year ever! Watching her growing and blossoming, my heart is filled with unspeakable joy. I hope she is healthy and happy throughout the year, her life is as colorful as the rainbow! 🙂

I made a 6 inch vanilla chiffon cake, covered with buttercream and sprinkles. It was done in a rush, the decoration could have been done better (tried to get the cake ready and light the candle before she went to bed). Anyway there was no complaint from her, haha. I believe she had a good time on her birthday, that is all that matters. 🙂

Frozen birthday cake

21 Dec

Since the movie Frozen was released, Elsa became the most popular princess character in the world. I wasn’t surprised when I was asked to make a pink Frozen birthday cake.

I haven’t done cake decorating for almost two years, so I was worried I would forget how to do it. It turned out ok and I didn’t forget everything. However it is my first time to make a human figurine and I am not happy about it. This Elsa looks a bit odd – out of proportion! 😦 I didn’t have time to make it again  because I only had time after my daughter went to bed at night). Luckily the 4 year old birthday girl wasn’t picky. She loved the cake! 🙂

I am glad this cake gave me a chance to start my hobby again. Hopefully I can do more as my daughter is older. I am looking forward to making her 1st birthday cake! 🙂 🙂


Pink booties baby shower cake

3 May

I have never had a chance to make a girly cake before. When I was asked to make a girl themed baby shower cake I was excited. I decided to make it girly yet elegant, simple yet sophisticated. Nothing will be more girly than using bows and lace on the cake, so here it is! I had lots of trouble of making the edible lace. It took me a few days to finish as it required a long drying time.

Hope the mother-to-be like this pretty cake! 🙂


Airplane cupcakes

12 Apr

Yesterday was my colleague’s last day at work. Cass is going to the flight school to pursue her dream as a pilot. Good on her! It needs a lot of encouragement to change your career path and follow your own dream. I really appreciate what she is doing so I made some airplane themed cupcakes for her farewell.

These were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. Cupcake toppers were made of fondant. They disappeared so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to have one! I took it as a compliment 🙂


Birds baby shower cake

30 Mar

My last baby shower cake left a big impression on the ladies at work. A few people have asked me to make cakes for them. Here is my 2nd baby shower cake. A lady at work ordered it for her best friend’s baby shower. This time it is for twins whose genders are unknown yet – exciting!

This cake was inspired by Scrumptious. I incorporated the traditional pink and blue and some neutral color – yellow and red. I loved the flowers and butterflies. They were easy to make and look pretty!

I hope the mother-to-be like the cake!

Birds baby shower cake

Birds baby shower cake

Butterflies and flowers

Butterflies and flowers