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Animal Birthday Cake

20 Mar

When I first learnt cake decorating, I imaged I would create a birthday cake for my own child one day. Recently my daughter turned 2 and I was so excited to make this cake for her!

Ellie is very interested in animals. She can name a few different animals and imitate their sounds. Since I’ve introduced pandas to her on YouTube videos, pandas become her favorite animal. One day I will take her overseas to see the real pandas (there are no pandas in the local zoo).

This is a 4 layer chocolate cake covered with fondant. I also use fondant to make all the decorations. Ellie was amazed by the cake although she didn’t quite understand the concept of birthday yet. 🙂  The smile on her face was my best reward!




Minnie Mouse Cake

30 May

A friend from work asked me to make a birthday cake for her 2 year old daughter. I was worried I didn’t have time to make the cake while I had to spend time with my own daughter. After I looked at the picture of the cake she found on the internet I happily accept the order. It is a simple but eye-catching design. Especially I love the contrast of the colour!

I bought the black fondant from the shop because I know it is very hard to achieve the deep dark colour. I tried to save money so I decided to colour the white fondant in red myself (white fondant is cheaper than the coloured fondant). I underestimated the difficulty of achieving the rich red colour. I have almost used half bottle of red food colouring plus plenty of pink food colouring. I am happy I have got the colour right at the end, however timewise it wasn’t a smart move – lesson learnt!

In the end I was excited about the cake – simplily cute! By the way it was a chocolate cake with butter cream icing inside. My colleague told me the cake was exactly what she imagined!


Rainbow birthday cake

27 Feb

I have been looking forward to making the first birthday cake for my daughter for a year! We are here not just to celebrate Ellie’s birthday but also to celebrate we as a family have survived for a year – the toughest year ever! Watching her growing and blossoming, my heart is filled with unspeakable joy. I hope she is healthy and happy throughout the year, her life is as colorful as the rainbow! 🙂

I made a 6 inch vanilla chiffon cake, covered with buttercream and sprinkles. It was done in a rush, the decoration could have been done better (tried to get the cake ready and light the candle before she went to bed). Anyway there was no complaint from her, haha. I believe she had a good time on her birthday, that is all that matters. 🙂

Frozen birthday cake

21 Dec

Since the movie Frozen was released, Elsa became the most popular princess character in the world. I wasn’t surprised when I was asked to make a pink Frozen birthday cake.

I haven’t done cake decorating for almost two years, so I was worried I would forget how to do it. It turned out ok and I didn’t forget everything. However it is my first time to make a human figurine and I am not happy about it. This Elsa looks a bit odd – out of proportion! 😦 I didn’t have time to make it again  because I only had time after my daughter went to bed at night). Luckily the 4 year old birthday girl wasn’t picky. She loved the cake! 🙂

I am glad this cake gave me a chance to start my hobby again. Hopefully I can do more as my daughter is older. I am looking forward to making her 1st birthday cake! 🙂 🙂


Tiger cake

13 Oct

It is Samuel’s birthday again, where has the time gone?! Last year I made him the airplane cake, this year I made him a tiger cake since I just learned the animal cake a couple weeks ago. However I didn’t plan it well. I just went along what I felt like. This is a lesson to be learned – always draw out a cake design first! I am not really happy with the mouth, it looks odd. 😦

I swear I remembered the instructor in the Planet Cake class said the chocolate ganache ratio is 1 part chocolate and 2 parts cream. As a result my chocolate ganache was very runny. I added more and more chocolate, it did thicken up but it was still not the right consistency. After the cake was completed, I determined to find out the recipe so I Googled it. I have found the ratio should be 2 parts chocolate and 1 part cream, what a huge mistake!

Well, I still have a lot to learn. Although this is not my best cake ever, I am posting here to keep me motivated. Watch this space. 🙂

Tiger cake

Tiger cake

Project 2: Soccer cake

9 Sep

My colleague is from England, she loves watching soccer games, she plays soccer, and she is as super fan of Tottenham Hotspur. There is no doubt about the soccer theme when I came to design her birthday cake.

My favorite element of the cake is the soccer ball. Honestly I wanted to keep it for myself! The original design was hanging the flag up with two bamboo skewers. However I found this was a bit distracting and I loved the soccer ball so much that I wanted it to be the center piece so I changed the design and laid the flag next to the soccer ball instead.

Original design

Original design

Soccer cake - final look

Soccer cake – final look

Two things were really difficult in this project – the color and the border. The official color of Hotspur is dark blue, which is very hard to match on fondant, especially I only have the sky blue food coloring on hand. The color of the hand painted logo on the flag was the best match because I mixed the color and painted directly on the fondant. While dyeing the fondant, the color was either too dark or too bright. Finally I had to stick with the brighter color as it looked slightly better.

When I was searching the Hotspur flag on the internet, I saw some flags with the checked pattern. I decided to incorporate that into my cake. Therefore I made a checked cake inside and also a checked border. Again I had the color problem – the blue food coloring gel mixed with the yellow cake batter (from the eggs), it turned into green! I had added the coloring gel twice, but there was not much change. I didn’t want to over mix the cake batter, so I have to live with green, err…The border was the biggest challenge. I have learned this technique from Lyndy Smith’s book. I haven’t seen anything like this on the internet so I really wanted to try it. I spent a few hours to just make that border. It wasn’t perfect (not perfectly square) but it was the best I can get. I am not sure if I want to try this technique again!

Inside checked pattern

Inside checked pattern

Checked border

Checked border

It is worth mentioning that The Mat was really helpful. It took me three tries to cover the cake last time, but with The Mat I only did it once – a huge improvement! The fondant was rolled out nicely thin and it didn’t dry out. To be honest rolling out fondant is still a hard work even with The Mat, it was a cardio workout!!

At the end of the day I was happy this project had been completed after so much frustration. Overall I am satisfied with the result especially it impressed my colleague and the others at work. I have received lots of compliments. My hard work has been paid off! 🙂

Rufus cake

15 Mar

Recently I have made a birthday cake for my boyfriend. He is a huge fan of Street Fighter and his signature character is Rufus. Therefore I made the Rufus cake topper. It was the highlight of the cake!

I was experimenting the icing by mixing cream cheese, mascarpone cheese and icing sugar together. The taste was good but it wasn’t stiff enough to hold the shape 😦

Try again next time!

Rufus cake

Poppy seeds & lemon cake with Rufus cake topper